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"Free Residential Disposal"

Our Services

Data Destruction

We provide destruction of Electronic Data for businesses, government agencies, and residential customers.

Tire Disposal

Disposal of all tires inluding vehicle, bicycle, ATV, trailer, and any other rubber made tires.

Electronic Disposal

Disposal of any electonics, appliances, radios, printers, Tvs, computers, fav machines, phones, ETC...

Batteries and Bulbs

Disposal of any alkaline,disposable, or automotive batteries. Any type light bulbs.

100% Free

Free pick up for the Greater Fort Wayne area and surrounding Counties in a 50 mile radius.
Free residential disposal.

What do we do with your E-Waste?

Green E-Waste Miracles takes your unwanted, outdated, and broken electronics, batteries, light bulbs, and tires and properly recycles them to be reused to make new products and merchandise while cutting down on landfill waste.

In 2009 Indiana mandated a law that made it illegal to throw away electronics in regular trash. All electronics must now be disposed to an E-Waste Facility.

Accepted Electronics

Appliances, battery operated devices, cell phones, computers, printers, Tvs, dvd players, radios, air conditioners, lamps, light bulbs, power tools, keyboards, speakers, game consoles, laptops, vacuums, alternators, electric motors, cameras, electronic toys, and any other electronic device.

Accepted Cables and Wires

Electronic power cords, cell phone chargers, copper wire, copper tubing, television cable, house electrical wiring, electrical wire, speaker wire, and any other electronic wires.

Accepted Tires

Vehicle, ATV, trailer, dirt bike, gold cart, go kart, lawn mower, bicycle, and any other rubber tires.

Accepted Batteries

Automotive, disposable, electronic device, marine, alkaline, and any other batteries.

Accepted Bulbs

Standard, halogen, fluorescent, LED, industrial, ballast, UV, germicide, spot/flood, high pressure sodium, metal halide, mercury vapor, cold cathode, incandescent, and any other bulbs.

Our Company Goal

Green E-Waste Miracle's primary goal is to cut down on Environmental waste by recycling items that are not accepted in most landfills. We break down and sort E-Waste by material type to be recycled. With this process we can recycle up to 100% of each item that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Generalized Accepted Items

All items are properly broken down and sorted to be recyled and reused and in return cutting down on landfill Waste.

  • Tire Disposal
  • FREE
  • All Tires Accepted
  • Free Local Pick up
  • Unlimited amount of disposal
  • Data Destruction
  • FREE
  • Secured proper destruction
  • Free Local Pick up
  • Unlimited amount of disposal
  • Light Bulb Disposal
  • FREE
  • All Bulbs Accepted
  • Free Local Pick up
  • Unlimited amount of disposal
  • Battery Disposal
  • FREE
  • All Batteries Accepted
  • Free Local Pick up
  • Unlimited amount of disposal
  • All batteries must be intact with no leaks
  • Electronic Disposal
  • FREE
  • All Electronics Accepted
  • Free Local Pick up
  • Unlimited amount of disposal
  • No loose broken glass will be accepted
  • Disposal
  • FREE
  • Free Disposal
  • Free Local Pick up
  • Unlimited amount of disposal
  • No liquids will be accepted

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About Our Company and Services

Green E-Waste Miracles is a E-Waste management and recycling company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We offer free Residential disposal and pick up, and 25% cheaper rates for Commercial Customers than the leading competitors.
Contact us to learn more about our services and prices or to inquire on potential business opportunities or investments.


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Free pick up for the Greater Fort Wayne, IN area.
Free disposal for residential customers, Unlimited E-Waste Accepted.
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